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PAS versi Nik Aziz vs Hadi...


Pemimpin veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang hari ini berkata PAS di bawah kepimpinan Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat tidak akan merelakan muslihat atau pengkhianatan politik seperti mana dilakukan oleh kepimpinan semasa parti Islam itu.

Lim berkata sekiranya Nik Aziz masih hidup, PAS tidak akan teragak-agak menyertai pergerakan parti politik dan NGO untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia daripada menjadi sebuah kleptokrasi global.

“Saya percaya Nik Aziz tidak akan mempunyai masalah menyokong kenyataan dan aspirasi saya bahawa rakyat Malaysia tidak boleh bersifat anti pada mana-mana bangsa atau agama, lantas mengkhianati aspirasi Malaysia yang menyifatkan setiap warga Malaysia, tanpa mengira kaum, agama, wilayah, kelas, gender atau usia sebagai sebuah bangsa Malaysia,” katanya.

Nik Aziz, mursyidul am PAS, meninggal dunia pada 15 Feb 2015, selepas 23 tahun mengetuai kerajaan PAS di Kelantan.

PAS dan DAP yang merupakan sebahagian Pakatan Rakyat memutuskan hubungan masing-masing susulan pertikaian mengenai rancangan PAS melaksanakan hudud di Kelantan.

Lim, sebaliknya berkata PAS di bawah presidennya, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang semakin selesa dengan Umno semata-mata kerana perdana menterinya beragama Islam.

Katanya, ia memperlihatkan perbezaan ketara antara PAS versi Nik Aziz dan PAS versi Hadi.

Lim mempersoalkan tuduhan PAS yang DAP merupakan parti anti Islam.

“Kalau DAP dan pemimpin DAP anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam, mengapa Nik Aziz akan menziarahi mantan Pengerusi Kebangsaan DAP Karpal Singh semasa perayaan Thaipusam pada Januari 2013 dan hari jadi Nik Aziz yang ke 82 turut disambut dengan kek ‘Pakatan Rakyat’?

“Kenapa begitu sekali perubahan terhadap PAS setelah kematian Nik Aziz pada Februari 2015?” soalnya lagi.- fmt  Baca rencana penuhnya di sini...

Great difference between Nik Aziz’s and Hadi Awang’s PAS

Will the kabilah DNA bahalol understand any of this? I am afraid not.

So lets keep it simple for them. 

Ini adalah satu perubahan yang walaupun baru, tetapi sudah mula menjadi kenyataan. Kalau perkara ini berpanjangan, maksudnya pada satu hari yang tak jauh nanti anak-anak kita akan berhijrah ke Indonesia untuk menjadi house maid atau pembantu rumah atau amah.

Sekarang sudah ada pun anak-anak kita berhijrah ke Singapura untuk menjadi buruh dan pekerja restoran (yang tidak ada sticker halal).   

Tapi Singapura adalah First World nation, sudah menjadi negara maju. Jadi kalau kerja di Singapura pun kira OK lah, sebab negara maju, gaji dia lagi tinggi dari Malaysia.

Indonesia pula bukan negara maju, masih menjadi Third World nation.  Sedih lah kalau pekerja Malaysia terpaksa berhijrah mencari hidup di Third World nation macam Indonesia. 

Kalaulah kabilah DNA bahalol di negara kita masih kekal bahalol, mungkin satu masa nanti rakyat negara kita akan terpaksa mencari kerja di Myanmar, Vietnam dan Thailand.  Just wait and see. - ostb

Image result for ruu355 wayang saja
PAS main 'wayang saja'...

Here is some 'inside' info folks. The RUU355 is just bullshit. No one in PAS cares about it. Semua wayang saja. There is only one item on the menu at Restoran PAS. That item is Kelantan.  PAS wants to keep Kelantan.  RUU355 sells very well among the Kelantanese folks.  That is all.

So they are going to table RUU355 in Parliament in March. It will NOT go beyond a first reading. This is what the 'inside info' says. After the first reading they will postpone it for a second reading. And that will be the end of it.  As Rafizi Ramli said in that video, they themselves withdrew their own motion. The motion did not pass. Or they did not pass motion. Bawang will declare UMNO as "halal".

By April, it will be a dead issue. Sarawak and Sabah will be asked to forget about it. MCA already knows it is just a ploy to help PAS please their supporters, especially in Kelantan.

Folks say that MOI has delegated Jawa Man to handle RUU355 with Bawang. So Bawang now meets Jawa Man. When they meet of course they exchange gifts. Of course one fellow gives a bigger gift than the other fellow.   

By the way, talk is Rafizi and Brader Anwar are going all out to take down Azmin. Maybe that is why Tun Dr Mahathir was booed at the recent gathering. The idea is also to embarass Azmin. Brader Anwar does not support Muhyiddin, the president of Bersatu. 

Brader Anwar will agree to endorse "someone else" as PM if he is promised a full pardon.  Here is the catch. That can only happen if Pakatan wins the GE14. So he has to be inside prison until the election results are known.  That is a huge risk that Brader Anwar will be taking. But he aint got much choice.

Some people now say the elections will only be held in 2018. Not 2017.  The economy is getting worse by the day. If some of that RM400 billion of Chinese  "investments" are fast tracked, it may ease the situation. But I dont think so.

(Here is a digression. Friends say that the Jabatan Hutan guys are not patrolling the jungles because there is no more budget for petrol and diesel. So they just sit in the office. Poachers and kayu gaharu thieves please take note. Jesus is not watching the jungles (got that right this time.))

The longer they wait, the worse things will get. The economy is grinding down, especially the Malay economy. 

Coming to PAS, the party is seriously split...  

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man the PAS no. 2 wants to get rid of MOI. He can see that MOI is destroying the country. Tabik Tuan Ibrahim. Kita semua sokong.

Bawang and Tin Sadin's son dont agree. They are dedak eaters. Rumour is that the fantastic piece of KTM land at the junction of Jalan Bangsar and Jalan Maarof (the old Lever brothers factory) has been "given" to the same son of Tin Sadin.  Maybe worth over RM200 million. Boleh lah beli Audi Q 7,000,000 !

Talk is MOI is ready to "negotiate" with Bawang for the traditionally PAS states (Kelantan, T'gganu and Kedah) for PAS.  UMNO better take note.  The reality is that on the ground, the PAS states (Kelantan, T'gganu, Kedah)  simply cannot accept UMNO/BN. So maybe MOI may be negotiating away something that he knows he is going to lose anyway. 

Talk is Bawang does not care. His personal glory now is to win T'gganu again and become MB. That is all he wants. He is also living on borrowed time. That ticker is not ticking too well.   

PAS cooperates with DAP in Selangor. Also in Perak and Pahang. Tuan Ibrahim has no problems with DAP. Only Bawang is the problem. 

Bawang wants more dedak from MOI. 

DAP will not mind if MOI  is tarred, feathered and worse. 

Conclusion :  Does the BN and especially UMNO really think they can predict the outcome of the GE14? 

Some say that the BN can even  secure 2/3 with just 42% of the votes.   

I think that even if the election were held today, the BN will lose, especially the States. Its always the economy stupid. The economy is going down. The longer they wait, the more they will get burnt. - ostb 

PTA group voices concern over 
‘political’ appointee in school...

The National Parent-Teacher Association Consultative Council (PIBGN) has told teachers not to bring their political ideologies with them to school.

PIBGN president Mohamad Ali Hassan said politics in the classroom would do the students no good at all.

“It may create division when politics come into the classroom because students may feel suspicious of one another,” he told FMT, adding that such an environment was not conducive for learning.

He was commenting on an FMT report that an MCA division leader had been appointed headmaster of SMJK Yoke Kuan, Sekinchan in Selangor.

Sungai Besar MCA deputy division chief Lua Toong Aik, who is the chairman of the school board, had defended his decision to make his MCA colleague, Siah Pang Woon headmaster of the Chinese secondary school by saying the school had the need for a Chinese-speaking teacher.

Siah’s appointment was questioned by Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim in a press conference, during which he claimed MCA had appointed Siah because the party wished to spread its influence in the school.

The DAP rep said there might also be a conflict of interest between the role of teacher and political leader.

Image result for malaysian chinese school headmasters

Meanwhile, Ali said teachers “must adhere to work ethics, and serve without bias”.

He also told parents to be aware of what their children were taught in school.

“File a complaint to the state education department if your children are fed politics in class,” he said.

Amanah communications director Khalid Samad said teachers should teach the students moral values and to fight against corruption and keep their political opinions to themselves, for their own sake.

He claimed that democracy in Malaysia was not “mature” enough for teachers to express such opinions.

“Teachers have been targeted because they support the opposition,” he said, alluding to PAS’s allegation that 80 teachers in Kelantan were transferred after the last general election (GE13) in May 2013.

FMT checked with the public service department and found that civil servants must obtain permission from their heads of departments before taking part in political activities.

National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) president Kamarozaman Abd Razak said teachers would be penalised if they spread politics in schools.

“A disciplinary unit will hear the complaints of the teacher’s alleged misconduct.

“If the teacher is found guilty, the possible punishments are a transfer, pay deduction or termination,” he said, adding teachers are most likely to be axed for involvement in hard crimes.- fmt

Kam Teow Eng - This could be a case of, if UMNO can do it, so can MCA or any of its component parties. Follow TAH KER( elder brother) and one can never be wrong. But wrong, they all did and tons of wrongs and unforgivable blunders. The law is there to follow but UMNO especially, is guilty of not following the regulations and even cut corners to do things as it likes. This is where every law-abiding people must speak out and tell the useless regime we have enough of its nonsense and we want it out. 

Alleged aassasin Doan Thi Huong worked as an escort, taking wealthy men around town
Doan Thi Huong

Photo published for Najib: BR1M is not a bribe, even Saudis give financial aid

Saudi Arabian King Salman Abdul Aziz Al Saud's visit to Malaysia has put to rest the opposition's slander regarding the RM2.6 billion donation for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"Previously, there was a leader who said that even a mad Arab would not give such a colossal sum. But the presence of King Salman is sufficient to prove Najib was telling the truth that the RM2.6 billion was a donation from the Saudi royal family,academic Hanafiah Harun told Umno Online.

Seriously,I dont know why macai is so happy with the King Salman's vist? He didn't say, pm is not involved in 1MDB.The prove is US's DOJ

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Harga minyak di Malaysia RM2.30/liter dan 
harga di Saudi Arabia RM1.05/liter. 
Awatlah bengong sangat...

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